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Who we are.

KWForester was born in the 1990s to address the needs of companies that wanted to establish factories abroad or that required help in dealing with commercial affairs with foreign states.

Independent advisory firm

KW Forester is a service society created by a group of professional people with the aim of offering a technical and professional support to the entrepreneurs and operators who trade with foreign countries or live abroad, favouring the use of national and international operational and financial tools. KW Forester guides and aids your company through each phase in the internationalism process: accompanies his customers from the phase of strategic formulation to the operative plan, constantly monitoring the steps taken towards the attainment of the company success.

The planning and the international corporate fiscal and financial consultancy are not a ‘simple consultancy’; it is not enough to orient the customer. To get concrete and satisfactory results is necessary to have the best technical knowledge and an adequate network of available human resources in many countries in the world.

All this, combined with a high professionalism, is what makes our service unique.


Our Services

Investments and joint-ventures
Financing and insurance
International tax system
International trade

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