Headquarter office: Wilmington e-mail: info@kwforester.com

Compliance & Ethics.

The KWF’s corporate culture is characterized by clear responsibility, mutual respect and trust. the Lawful conduct  is  integral to our business activities and an important condition for securing the long-term success of our company. Our primary goal is to avoid risks which could jeopardize the trust our customers and  business partners.

KWForester  are dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards and maintaining compliance with both internal policies and external laws and regulation; our culture and core values establish a set of standards embodied by our work, our relationships and our professionals, the results of which are reflected in our accomplishments and recognition in the marketplace.

Our Standards of Business Conduct help us live our values, which include fulfilling our commitment to the highest ethical and legal level .

The Standards are an extension of KWF’s values and reflect our continued commitment to ethical business practices and legal compliance.

Our code of business ethics is based on our core values, providing more details about the ethical behavior expected of all employees. The code of ethics is composed by a series of “behaviors” associated with each core value that we expect from all employees and contractors to behave in relation to specific circumstances.

In addition to general principles of behavior, KWF includes requirements and regulations concerning the following issues:

  • Protection of human rights
  • Compliance with laws and internal regulations
  • Appropriate conduct within the Group and in dealings with government officials, business partners and customers
  • Principles of social responsibility
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